The Children’s Health Defense Maryland Chapter Has Launched

We are happy to announce the Launch of the Maryland Chapter of The Children’s Health Defense and the special Launch Event scheduled for October 8th. LInks to subscribe and register for the Event are below. You are also invited to tell your story regarding vaccine adverse events on CHD TV on October 13th. More information is below.

HPV Vaccines – Do you Know Enough to Make an Informed Decision?

Prior to the beginning of the new school year, many schools and colleges require students to get a physical exam. This is especially true for those who participate in sports. During such visits, the patient may be prompted to get vaccinated so parents and young adults may want to educate themselves in advance so that they can make an informed decision.

Maryland Health Freedom CommUNITY Empowerment Event 2

Here is found a recap with links to presentations by awesome speakers at the Maryland Health Freedom Empowerment Event 2 co-sponsored by Health Choice Maryland and the Coalition for Future Maryland on Sunday August 28th, 2022. Experts regarding medicine and pharmaceuticals, law, education, survival and nutrition shared their knowledge to help us navigate the path forward.. Click on READ MORE to access links to the respective presentations.

Action Alert 

In solidarity with grassroots groups who seek to legally fight the mandate for COVID vaccination by the USM, we urge your support for a fund raising drive by the Coalition for Future MD. For more information go to their website: at or which you can click on below.

The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ( VAERS) Disregarded US Regulations on Counting Serious Cases for Years, Resulting in a Grossly Inaccurate Safety Assessment

A recently published study in the peer-reviewed journal Science, Public Health Policy and The Law, exposes a shocking finding of an illegal practice employed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for decades with regard to tracking serious adverse events (SAEs) following vaccination. The article calls into question the integrity of the U.S. surveillance system known as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

What Constitutes a Religious Exemption from Vaccination?

Chancellor Perman, speaking for the University Systems of Maryland, has said with regard to the recent COVID vaccination mandate, “we’ll comply with all federal and state laws in granting appropriate exemptions for medical or religious reasons.” One wonders why they are not complying with Federal law which clearly states one must be allowed choice with regard to EUA vaccines. If the policy is not reversed to comply with Federal law, one may need to apply for a religious exemption. How does one write a religious exemption?

Open letter to Chancellor Perman and Board to rescind Covid vax mandate

This letter is in response to the recent press release by Chancellor Perman “ requiring that all eligible students, faculty, and staff who will be on our Maryland campuses this fall be vaccinated against COVID.” We urge the Chancellor and the Board of Regents to change the policy to make COVID 19 Vaccination a recommendation and not a mandate. 

Will mass Covid 19 vaccination lead to out-of-control increase in virulent new viruses?

Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., in a recent interview, expressed great concern about the possibility that the current Covid 19 vaccination program would cause a proliferation of mutated viruses while undermining a vaccinated individual’s natural ability to deal with the new mutations. He called for an end to the mass vaccination program because he believes it will lead to a new wave of out-of-control infection. Another researcher, Rob Verkerk Ph.D., has attempted to objectively evaluate Vanden Bossche’s hypothesis in an article accessed with an enclosed link.