Maryland Health Freedom CommUNITY Empowerment Event 2

Recap of Maryland Health Freedom

CommUNITY Empowerment Event 2

Thank you

To all of you who supported and attended our event on August 28, 2022

And a huge THANK YOU to our awesome speakers.

Below are links to the respective presentations.

( Each presentation is about a half hour or less.)

First Session

  • Introduction to Event by Emily Tarsell, President Health Choice Maryland followed by first presenter

Aharon Hertzberg, writer/reporter: Learning from the past

  • Our attorney presenter was ill and could not attend. Her brief comments were read by Brian Petry, Esq. Legal updates regarding the University of Maryland Systems mandates were presented by Eszter Szabo, President of Coalition for Future Maryland and Denee Deny, Founder of UMDEE..

(Excerpts from a Children’s Health Defense legal rights video were also presented.) A link to the full CHD video is here:

  • Linda Wastila, PhD, professor of Pharmaceutical Health Policy: Research updates, VAERS data, coronavirus prevention and treatments – then and now                         

  • Andy Lazris,MD, physician, author and song writer: medical censorship, ways to protect yourself and family:


Second Session

  • Lt. Col.Kirby Bowling, CORAC Region 3 Director: PMAs and personal survival strategies off of the grid

  • Sally Fallon Morell, Author or Nourishing Traditions: nutrition and food resources near you

  • Eugenia Poliakov, PhD, Research Scientist and Deborah Mackall: homeschooling

Thanks also to the 14 advocacy groups present at the Resource Fair who offered information, books, and helpful handouts.

We welcome your questions or comments at [email protected].