Health Choice Maryland is a volunteer, grassroots, non-profit organization created by and for Maryland residents from all walks of life.

Our Mission is to help Marylanders to connect with others to:

  • Stand dedicated to the human right to health choice freedom including the right to vaccine choice for ourselves and our children. Read More
  • Stand dedicated to the human right to informed consent in medical risk taking. Read More
  • Stand dedicated to sharing science based information to facilitate educated health choices. Read More


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How You Can Help

Take Action

Join us to take a stand, be informed with the latest news regarding legislation and information that is relevant to health choice freedom, informed medical choice and helpful science based educational information.

Make a Donation

Health Choice Maryland has both a 501c3 and a 501c4 account.  Contributions to our 501c3 ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE and are used for educational and related purposes. Click on the donation  button at the bottom

Donations to our 501c4 are NOT tax deductible and are used for lobbying purposes. Click on this link to donate to our 501c4 called Health Choice 4 Action:

We Invite You to Join Us

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