Action Alert 

On June 15,2021, Governor Hogan signed an executive order to terminate the state of emergency beginning on July 1, 2021. Does that effect the mandate for COVID vaccinations declared by the University Systems of Maryland (USM) for all students and employees? No, unless the Chancellor of UMS withdraws the mandate. It was the Chancellor of USM, not the Governor, who initiated the mandate and it will be up to the Chancellor and USM Board to enforce or rescind the mandate. Therefore it is still necessary to prepare legal action and to file an injunction to oppose the mandate. Since the state of emergency will be ending, it is unlikely that other state agencies will be mandating COVID vaccinations, but private business entities independently determine their own policy. Although the USM are public facilities, the Governor does not determine policy for them.

In solidarity with grassroots groups who seek to legally fight the mandate for COVID vaccination by the USM, we urge your support for a fund raising drive by the Coalition for Future MD. For more information go to their website: at /

Time is of the essence as students and employees of the system have a narrow window of time for filing an injunction.