Take a stand to protect your medical rights in Maryland

Whatever your position on vaccination, we can perhaps all agree that one has a fundamental right to decide for oneself and one’s children whether or not to consent. That fundamental right has been working well for decades in Maryland without compromising public health. Stand with us to protect our right to choose and our right to informed consent before the pharmaceutical industry passes laws that force their profit driven decisions upon you.

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  • Stay informed by checking this site for news as well as checking the links listed below.

1. For well documented information regarding medical policy and rights and vaccine issues go to https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ and/or https://www.icandecide.org/

2. For well documented information about the HPV vaccine, go to: https://sanevax.org/ and/or  www.gardasil-and-unexplained-deaths.com

3. For information about what is happening across the country regarding vaccine and health related legislation, go to https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/Home.aspx

4. For books about the HPV vaccine, see The HPV Vaccine on Trial by Mary Holland, J.D., et.al; Journeys From Trust to Tragedy by Norma Erickson and Shattered Dreams by Christina England. All are available on Amazon.