Appalling, Pharma-driven legislation forced on other states is heading for Maryland.

If these types of bills were to be passed in Maryland, what would this mean for you? It means that legislators, not parents, would be making medical decisions about your child possibly even without your knowledge or consent. It means that there may be no exemption from vaccination even if one or one’s sibling suffered a previous vaccine related injury. It means that your children would be denied an education unless they complied with the mandated vaccines regardless of your beliefs regarding vaccination based on your religious convictions. It means that adults working in certain settings could be denied employment for exercising their right to choose what is injected into their bodies. It means that you alone bear the burden of any injuries or deaths incurred by vaccines which the Institute of Medicine has determined are “unavoidably unsafe.” It means that you lose the fundamental right of sovereignty over your own body and your parental rights.

[4] To read more about these bills and to access information about health care legislation across the country, go to . Accessed 12/23/2019.