Informed Consent

* Stand dedicated to the human right to informed consent in medical risk taking.

While we might take for granted that one should have the right to informed consent for medical procedures including vaccination, the astounding truth is that this right is at risk of being denied. California for example, passed a law in 2015 mandating HPV vaccinations for children without parental consent or knowledge. Similar legislation is pending in New York.

Informed consent should also mean that one is given truthful information regarding vaccination risks and benefits. By law, one should receive a Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) from one’s provider. However the information on the VIS is frequently very inadequate. Indeed, providers are being trained to avoid any discussion and to just assertively declare it is time for vaccination. The CDC declares all vaccines to be safe and effective despite the fact that vaccines are very different from each other and should be evaluated individually. Thus each person must themselves research the risk and benefit of vaccination on a case by case basis.

Stand dedicated to the human right to informed consent in medical risk taking.

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