Coronavirus Vaccines Facts – Good to Know (Part 2)

The US government has allocated billions for research and development of treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus known as COVID 19. So researchers have been racing to try to create and market such products which promise potentially huge profits with no liability. However, the development of a coronavirus vaccine has been attempted in the past but resulted in disaster. This makes it all the more alarming that the process this time is being fast tracked. Even vaccine developer and enthusiast, Dr. Paul Offit has warned:

“When you talk about doing something in 12 to 18 months,  you can assume correctly that things are being skipped.” [1]

If miraculously, they develop a vaccine that increases antibodies, the duration of protection will be unknown and some measures to assure safety are being by-passed.  Furthermore, the COVID19 virus is constantly mutating so the vaccine may miss the mark. According to virologist  Dr.Shibo Jiang:

“The virus behind COVID-19 might well mutate in ways that would make previously effective vaccines and antivirals useless.” [2] 


Given that a coronavirus vaccine will no doubt be marketed, hopefully as a choice and not a mandate, below are some facts that you need to know.

1.Coronavirus Vaccines Can Backfire and Harm Instead Of Help

Coronavirus vaccines are known for causing a condition where the vaccine makes an illness worse, not better, when a vaccinated person becomes infected with the wild virus. This is precisely what has happened with animals in previous SARS trials. Instead of being protected by the coronavirus vaccine, they became more severely ill after being exposed to the wild coronavirus itself.




2.Coronavirus Vaccine Developers Are Taking Dangerous Shortcuts So They Can Rush The Vaccine To Market

During standard clinical trials of any new vaccine, scientists are required to first test the vaccine on animals to determine its safety and effectiveness. Only after surviving repeated tests in animal models can a candidate vaccine be tested in human trials. However, in a race to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market, the coronavirus vaccines now under development are completely bypassing some safety studies with animals or with a true placebo.

Biomedical ethicists and others in the scientific community say that this is a dangerous shortcut that eliminates important safety measures.  




3.Once A Coronavirus Vaccine is Licensed, No One Is Held Accountable for Serious Adverse Outcomes Including Death

Remember when the swine flu vaccine was rushed to market in 1976? This time around the ill effects could be just as bad or worse, but no one will guarantee your safety. If the new coronavirus vaccine causes a serious reaction, injury or death, no one can be held responsible. That’s because under the PREP Act — passed in 2005 and invoked on March 17, 2020 by HHS Director Alex Azar II — vaccine and drug manufacturers, government agencies, doctors and all others are 100% free from any and all liability resulting from harm caused by the coronavirus vaccine.



4. According to a study conducted with Department of Defense participants, receiving influenza vaccination may significantly increase one’s risk of other respiratory viruses like Coronavirus.

“Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.”

If you took the flu vaccine in 2017-2018, you have 36% higher odds of getting COVID19. The CDC will surely be promoting flu shots this Fall by alarming the public that the flu virus will be coexisting with the coronavirus  COVID19. It is unlikely that they will warn the public that getting a flu vaccination this Fall could actually significantly increase your risk of getting the coronavirus .


How will they roll out the new vaccine and is there anything we can do proactively to preserve our medical freedoms? We invite you to join our members for this conversation.