Breaking News…. Highly toxic chemical used in biological warfare is found in Gardasil HPV vaccine

A just published study titled The expanding cocktail of harmful ingredients in human papillomavirus vaccines, by Brawer, AE and Sullivan, DH is a bombshell. The study documents the presence in HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Gardasil 9, of an undisclosed, highly toxic chemical called PMSF (phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride),  also known as Toluene. PMSF has been used as a nerve agent in biological warfare! It is a serine protease/ acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. What that means is that the chemical is a nerve agent which can inactivate central nervous system functions. When the enzyme acetylcholinesterase is blocked, there could be uncontrollable firing of motor signals which can manifest as seizures or other biochemical or physiological disorders. 

PMSF is used in the manufacturing of the HPV vaccine, but is not supposed to be in the final product. This paper documents that PMSF is in the final product and likely initiates the onset of a host of serious adverse events that have been reported following HPV inoculations. Such outcomes include cardiovascular events, motor neuron disorders, autoimmune disorders, cognitive and mood disorders, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, miscarriages, menstrual disorders, seizures, headaches, extreme fatigue, skin disorders, sleep disorders, paralysis, encephalitis and even sudden death. The finding should break new ground for further research and major lawsuits against Merck the manufacturer.

A link to the paper is here: