Please Support HB1161 to Protect our Children                         Demand Adequate Informed Consent                                                 HB1181 ( Christina’s Law ) This one is very personal                            

As many of you know, in 2008, my daughter Christina was killed by a shot – not a bullet, but lethal shots of the HPV vaccine (trade name, Gardasil or Gardasil 9). It was not a coincidence. The government ultimately conceded that she died from her vaccinations. Too late I learned we were misled about the vaccine and had not been adequately informed. This is wrong and illegal. By law, we should be adequately informed about an invasive medical procedure that can have life-and-death consequences.
Chris is not alone. There are now over 73,000 VAERS reports and at least 15% are serious including more than 560 deaths. Only 1% of cases get reported so the actual numbers are in the millions. 

 (A link here to an interview on CHD TV with attorneys discussing the HPV vaccine and failure to inform)       
Why do regulators and the medical industry continue to promote HPV vaccines? 

Despite the fact that youth are not at risk for getting HPV-related cancers and the fact that HPVs clear spontaneously 90% of the time, marketing of the vaccine to youth is intense. Regulatory agencies get royalties on the sale of the vaccine. Pharma and providers make handsome profits with bonuses for selling this very expensive vaccine and they are protected by law against liability for vaccine-related deaths and injuries. 

What are the risks/benefits of the HPV vaccines?
By law, prior to vaccination, patients/parents are supposed to get a form called the VIS (Vaccine Information Statements) describing the specific risks/benefits of the vaccine. Often the VIS is not given ( we did not get one) and providers just push the shot with the not-to-be-questioned mantra, “safe, effective, and will prevent cervical cancer.” Is that adequate?

Informed Consent?​
Even if one receives a VIS for this vaccine, the VIS fails to give adequate information for an informed decision. HB1161 would require that providers give patients/parents additional information to make an informed decision based on proven facts, not hypothetical and exaggerated claims of benefit.

Link to the Inadequate CDC VIS:

Link to the bill:

Some of the additional points below will be added as amendments to HB1161

Talking Points:

Top Ten Things We Need to Know (missing from the VIS) :

1. HPVs clear naturally 90% of the time in two years with no treatment.

2. Cervical cancer is preventable with regular Pap screening

3. It is necessary for females to continue with Pap screening even if vaccinated with HPV vaccines because the vaccine does not address all high-risk HPVs

4. Rates of HPV-associated cancers ( cervical, vaginal, anal, penile, throat) have been very low in the US, under 1%, even prior to the introduction of HPV vaccines in 2006

5. HPV-related cancers are typically diagnosed in people over age 50 with other risk factors.

6. Symptoms associated with adverse events following HPV vaccination should be mentioned.

7. Adverse events following vaccination can occur weeks or even months after vaccination.

8. In post-licensure safety surveillance, the VAERS reporting rate for Gardasil was 3x greater than that for all other vaccines combined.

9. Females positive for HPV 16/18 who then get HPV vaccines could thereby increase their risk of getting cervical cancer by 44.6%. There is no pre-testing to see who is vulnerable

10. The vaccine contains known neurotoxins like aluminum and has not been tested for interaction with other vaccines given concurrently like COVID-19 vaccines.

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